Artist and Sculptor Salvatore Bennardello

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Salvatore Bennardello (Salvo) was born in Tripoli on the 21st June 1945.

From 1949 to 1971 he lived in Comiso, Sicily.

Since he was a child, local stone quarries has charmed him and in fact he has passed there most time, observing quarrymen working. As a result, he soon set up a direct and affective relationship with materials, in which he has made his soul’s emotions live just since his childhood.

His interest in sculpture, inherited by his father Giuseppe, also sculptor, has soon come out.

He attended the School of Arts of Comiso.

During his teens he has spent the most time studying works of art. Churches and Cathedrals continuously are destinations where to study and to know main and minor artists.

The love for painting continuously leads him to represent life sculptural models and architectonical peculiarities.

In good art-masters’ shops, on personal preliminary sketches, he has performed a number of marble sculptures of holy subjects.

In 1971 he moved to Aprilia (Latina).

Here, he has soon expressed his characteristics of painter realizing a number of canvas. Further to this period, his interest in sacred subjects, by the means of sculpture and ornaments design, came more and more evident.

The first projects were commissioned by “Parrocchia Maria Madre della Chiesa di Aprilia (LT)” and refer to the presidential seat and other elements of design and the sculptural intervention to the big stone which receives the Tabernacle.

His creativity is aimed to better know the use of the warm hood that he uses very well in designing the execution of the big support of the Organ established inside the Church of San Michele Arcangelo of APRILIA.

In addition, he has realized a number of hood sculptures.

Afterwards, he has designed the entire Apse of the above mentioned Church and has built up four travertine bas-reliefs representing Evangelists. In the middle of the apse, he has put the travertine sculpture representing the Glory, where there is the Tabernacle.

For the Church of the “ Nome di Gesù in S. Maria delle Mole” (in Rome), he has realized an original travertine Via Crucis.

For the “Santuario Madonna del Tufo di Rocca di Papa” (in Rome), he has realized the chalk Our Lady “Nostra Signora della Trinità”. In addition, in Rocca di Papa, for the church of the “Sacro Cuore di Gesù”, he has designed and built up bronze art work: the big tympanum upon the main door which represents “Gesù Sacro Cuore” among children.

He realized a bronze Via Crucis for the Seminario Diocesano of Albano (Rome), established in the out park, work commissioned by S.E. Vescovo Dante Bernini.

For the “Chiesa Arcipretale di S. Michele Arcangelo e S.M. Goretti” of Aprilia (Latina), he re-adapted the nave to collocate the big Via Crucis, new confessionals, the two new altars of Our Lady and of S.M. Arcangelo, the font, and the lectern; all in travertine stone.

In Frascati (Rome), commissioned by S.E. Vescovo Giuseppe Matarrese, for the Church of “San Giuseppe Lavoratore”, he realized the big bronze tympanum upon the main door representing “San Giuseppe Lavoratore” together with Jesus.

Commissioned by S.E. Vescovo Giuseppe Matarrese, and as for the above mentioned Church, afterwards he realized a bronze high-relief on Jubilee subject (the opening of the Holy Door and the Parable “LA VERA VITE” (Gv.15,1), put upon the façade, around the main door).

For the “Santuario di San Gaspare” in Albano (Rome), he realized the bronze “Via Sanguis” (Our Jesus Christ’s seven effusions of blood), also designing its location. This work is composed by 7 big tiles plus one more bigger tile, representing the “Esaltazione dell’Agnello”, “San Gaspare”, and the Missioners in the world.

For the “Parrocchia di San Matteo” in Latina, he designed and realized the new church-square and the bronze group representing Jesus with children from the subject “Io sono in mezzo a voi” (“I’m among you”).

He designed and realized in one of the squares of Aprilia the “Monument to the Alpino”, a bronze and travertine-made work.

He designed and sculptured the “Storia del vino” (“The history of wine”) on six big travertine tiles.

“Enoteca Fratelli Venditti Aprilia”.

For the church “Sacro Cuore di Gesù”, in Rocca Imperiale (Cosenza), thanks to the approval of “CEI”, he designed and realized the font, the altar, and the Ambo.

For the “Church of San Matteo” in Nettuno, he realized the big chalk-made tile representing Jesus who falls under his heavy cross.

He was commissioned by the direction of the Latina Hospital “I.C.O.T.” of designing and leading works of the park in front of the entry.

In it, he realized the big fountain, the entry stairs, technological locations, all the flower-boxes, and the new lanes.

Plus a little square where he put a bronze-made high-relief, representing the subject “Accoglienza” subject and the bronze group representing the evangelic passage of the Good Samaritan.

The entire work is travertine-made with particular mosaics.

Afterwards he designed the entry façade, a piece of mosaic work inserted into travertine slabs showing, in addition, the Hospital name.

For the same hospital he realized a bronze work representing the subject “La Scienza e La Medicina” (“Science and Medicine”), located in the intern garden.

In addition, as per his design, he’s realizing the entire entry façade of the Hospital. Travertine-made slabs with architectural and sculpture particulars.

For the “Chiesa di Santa Rita” in Latina he designed some life-size charcoal-made preliminary sketches, which are 30- meters long, about the subject “La Conversione”. This work, to be realized in travertine material, is destined to be located in the church-square of the above mentioned church.

He’s designing a number of works on demand of different cities of Italy.

In addition, he performed a number of different sculptures and drawings for public and private collections destined countrywide and abroad.